Film Director Jesse V. Johnson

Film director Jesse V. Johnson


Welcome to my website.  

2012 - I directed "The Package" in Vancouver BC.

This two fisted actioner stars "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren - I had a blast working with these two action vets, and was allowed to assemble a top notch supporting cast.

A cool trailer - The Package - advance trailer. 

2011 - I went back to school - 

I served as a stunt man and assistant coordinator on amongst others:

"The Master" with P.T. Anderson 

"The Amazing Spiderman." 

Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" watching master craftsmen create what will likely become one of the more iconic performances  in cinematic history.


March - "Charlie Valentine" - Raymond J. Barry - who plays the role of Charlie in "Charlie Valentine" - will be honored with the Gasparilla International Film Festival's Career Achievement Award on March 18, 2010 in Tampa, FL.

March - "Charlie valentine" - Sunscreen Film Festival has chosen "Charlie Valentine" as a Official Selection for 2010.

March - "Charlie Valentine" - Honored with the Golden Honu award at the Big Island Film Festival in Waikoloa, Hawaii.

April - "Charlie Valentine" at FirstGlance Film Festival on April 11

April - "Charlie Valentine" - Sacremento Film festival

2009 was a brilliant festival year for "Charlie Valentine" - I have not had a festival film before and I have enjoyed travelling and meeting filmmakers around the world.
Mar - "Charlie Valentine" - Screened out of competition at the Cannes Film festival.
Mar - "Charlie Valentine" - Wins best Screenplay award at the Monaco international Film festival.
Mar - "The Butcher"  - Released in the US by Vivendi/Universal 
Mar - "The Fifth Commandment" - Released in the US by Sony 
Jun - "Charlie Valentine" - Official Selection Naples International Film festival
July - "Charlie Valentine" - Wins best Picture at the AOF - Action on Film Festival, Pasadena, CA
Sept - "Greenstreet 2" - Released in the US by Vivendi/Universal 
Sept - "Charlie Valentine" - Wins best Feature Silver, and Audience Award - Cinema City International Film Festival
Sept - "Charlie Valentine" - Official Selection Boston International Film Festival
Sept - "Charlie Valentine" - Official Selection Boise, Idaho International Film Festival
Nov - "Charlie Valentine" - Official Selection Orlando International Film Festival
Nov - "Charlie Valentine" - Official Selection Red Rock Film festival, UtahRed Rock FF
Dec - "Charlie Valentine" - Valerie Dillman wins best supporting actress, Maverick Movie Awards - MMA's 



The Australian DVD artwork for "The Butcher" 2009. 

This site is for anyone who wants to know more about my work.

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Jesse V. Johnson

 Shooting "Charlie Valentine," played by Raymond J. Barry.  Los Angeles 2008.