Film Director Jesse V. Johnson

Film director Jesse V. Johnson

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Charlie Valentine wins the International Film festival of South Africa, Nov 14th - 

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Charlie Valentine Theatrical release in the US, US DVD through Lionsgate, US TV release through Showtime Networks. 

Charlie Valentine released in the UK (High Flyers) - Aug, 2010 -

Ventura Film Festival -

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Charlie Valentine wins best feature at the Big Island Film Festival in Hawaii - 18.05.10

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Charlie Valentine wins Best Screenplay Award - Monaco international Film Festival - 5.22.09

Charlie Valentine wins Best Picture, Best Action Picture, Best Cinematography and Best Score AOF festival - 7.20.09 

Charlie valentine wins the Silver Award for Best Feature, Cinema City Film Festival - 11.12.09 

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Click here for my directing reel, it's a little long, but I'm working on thatJesse V. Johnson Directing Reel 

About me:

I was a motion picture stunt man before being able to make a living as a director, this apprenticeship has served me well. 

Most of my work has been concerned one way or another with outsiders, losers, loners, misfits, rounders - individuals looking for something else besides security.
"Vivat...crescat...floreat!" - Live, create, flourish.
I had some pretty good ideas when I started out to write this page, however, I now realize I'm a lot more comfortable writing about other people, so my apologies if this is too brief.


 I am lucky enough to owe my career to the belief and friendship of a few important people:
Dominiquie Vandenberg (who financed my early career), Vic Armstrong and Andy Armstrong (who hired me when I was difficult and kept food on my table.) Garrett Warren (who has made my action look bigger than it ever should.) and my wifeJamie (my soulmate.)

 Cinema City Film Festival - red carpet event, September 2009 (Hollywood.)